I adore Julep. Recently, I joined the Julep “Maven” program, which is a monthly subscription of polishes, hand, and nail care of over $60 in value every month, for only $19.99 per month.

All Julep products are made without any harsh, toxic chemicals or preservatives, unlike so many other brands out there on the market.

I have been a member since August, and I seriously adore everything about this company, and especially the fabulous products.

Julep is a privately owned, nail salon and nail care company based out of Seattle. Their formulas are unique, innovative, a dream to apply, and… They are actually pleasantly scented, believe it or not!

Above, you can see me wearing Juliette, which is a lovely soft white, guaranteed to give you nails that look naturally beautiful, and effortless. Two coats, and this polish is completely dry within about 7-10 minutes.

Perfect for any occasion, and I think this would be perfect for both brides, and bride’s maids alike.

And, this here is what came in my September Julep Maven subscription box! The lovely gunmetal-olive shade, Stefani, Julep’s amazing SPF 30 hand cream, one of their  super gentle-for-your-nails crystal nail files, and my very favorite – Julep’s roller-ball cuticle oil (which is perfect for keeping in your purse – nice cuticles are a breeze)!

If you’re interested in signing up for the Maven program, take this quick style test, and use code “FBMAVEN” for 50% off your order – making it under $10 for $60 worth of gorgeous, good for you, 3-free polishes, and nail care.