So a few weeks ago while checking my Twitter notifications, I was immensely surprised (and, um, shall I say – hysterically giddy) when I saw this:

Compliments of Lancôme, I am now the proud owner of a full-sized bottle of Génefique, which retails for $80 USD.

Now, I have tried Génefique before in the past, and I really loved it. So much in fact, that I ended up buying a nice big bottle of it for my Mother, last year on Mother’s Day (which reminds me…) along with her favorite, rather hard to find, original Gianfranco Ferré Eau de Toilette.

My Mother absolutely loves the stuff, although the reason why I never purchased it for myself was because of a problem I had with it that took me until recently to figure out:

Génefique is very concentrated and very moisturizing. And my skin is very, very dry. Now, because my skin is so dry, I am constantly struggling with getting a good moisturizer that really sinks in to my skin, rather than just sitting on top, and then leaving tiny rash-like bumps all over my face; and that was exactly what the Génefique had been doing for me when I tried it a year or so ago.

The solution: Applying to still damp skin.

Now, I had known about this trick for years, but of course, had somehow forgotten how effective it really is.

This trick works quite lovely after getting out of the shower, washing your face, or my favorite way – after applying my favorite toner.

I really do love Génefique, but due to the nature of this product (since I use it as a skin corrector – I have young skin, barely out of my teens), I do not want my skin to become too accustomed to its corrective powers.

I use it about twice a week in general, but when my skin is especially dry and I am in the makeup-wearing mood, I apply it after toner, before primer.

The effectiveness of this product is certain. I notice my skin looks much brighter in the morning (since when I do use this, I generally apply it right before bed), and some discoloration from that beautiful time of the month has most definitely been fading.

The texture of my skin is also left noticeably improved, so long as I exfoliate somewhat regularly (remember, dry skin here).

Ideally, I would rotate this with one or two other serums, if you feel you need to wear one daily. There are quite a few other top-notch serums on the market, including a rather new one from Lancôme which I have heard great things about (and I do plan on testing out for myself).

I would show you my before and after pictures, I really would – but fortunately I don’t have any (public humiliation isn’t yet a favorite hobby of mine).

So, that concludes my thoughts on Lancôme Génefique!

Have you tried Génefique? Are you interested or planning on trying Génefique? Let me know what you think in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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