On Thursday, I stopped Downtown Billings to do a little shopping at the local boutiques. I have nearly sworn off all retail chains, as I love supporting local businesses.

Made a coffee run to the nearby Starbucks (okay, so I thought it was frappe happy hour…), and picked up the Toffee Nut Latte, which was pretty delicious.

And, then there is my very favorite of the Downtown boutiques… Marcasa!

I love everything from the eclectic range of brands/designers, to the unique displays, and atmosphere. Many of the props are vintage and antiques, which you will notice the minute you walk through the door.

The clothespins holding up the men’s denim I found to be quite ingenious.

I did end up making a couple purchases while I was out, one of which was a sexy little red number I saw in the window a week prior. I knew right then that I had to have it, so… I utterly gave in.

Do you support your local businesses, or prefer to shop commercial/chain shops? I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave them down in the comments box below!

Until next time, stay beautiful! ♥

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