In case you missed the first part to this series, you can go check it out here: Instagram, Week 1.


I am addicted to making fresh carrot/apple/celery juice! | Vita Coco coconut water again. CAN NOT GET ENOUGH.

Dates with my beau! Tom Kha Gai & Chicken Panang Curry from Cham Thai | Valentine Roll without the tobiko from Tao.

One can never go wrong with Cham Thai.

Also, while I really loved the atmosphere at Tao, I found this sushi roll to be way too big. Also, I had a difficult time finding anything Kosher in the sushi portion of the menu. I ended up ordering this roll, and having it made with the tobiko omitted. The presentation of the dish itself was quite pretty, but with sushi, I find it is all about quality over quantity, and as mentioned – these rolls were huge. I give it 6/10 on the sushi. Probably wouldn’t order sushi from them again, considering the avocado had already browned by the time it was served to me. This is a good indication it (the roll) had been sitting out for a bit, and with raw fish involved, that’s never a good thing.


I won these Repurpose coffee cups via Twitter, as part of an Earth Day giveaway! More on this to come. | A quote on a Good Earth Tea tag.

The Repurpose cups are going to get their own post, as soon as I have the energy/motivation to write one up. They are ingenious, and because they are eco-friendly, I love them even more!

Good Earth (Original) Tea is almost too good to be legal.


I bought both of the Sephora Baked Palettes, since they were on sale for an irresistible $7 each. So pretty!

First Aid Beauty Super Repair Cream | Like my nails? They are lacquered up in the Sephora + Pantone colors!

I have such a difficult time with lotions, serums and creams… my skin is so dry, and so sensitive to almost everything. Just when I had all but given up hope on a really good cream to quench my horribly parched complexion, FAB Super Repair cream came to the rescue! Odd, how after collection about 20 samples of this stuff, I hadn’t tested it until recently.

But, I digress… this stuff is a keeper! And I will absolutely be purchasing the full-sized bottle of this magic potion.

And, last but not least! The Sephora + Pantone nail lacquers are GORGEOUS. I had to test them out while I made a quick stop in Sephora, the other day. If you decide you like any of the colors, it appears your only option is to buy the entire set of 4, which comes in at $22 USD.

So, that’s all for this week!

Until next time, stay beautiful! ♥