In celebration of their new (and might I say, absolutely fabulous) new website look, Sephora has some pretty amazing giveaways, beginning as of the 20th. So be sure to check in regularly to the Sephora Facebook page to stay up to date on the details!

I am pretty excited… frankly, I love everything about Sephora, so this is just the icing on the cake!



And, yes. Sephora is also giving away tees in store, or online (minimum of $25 USD purchase) with the promo code: BEAUTEE. From what I understand, once they are gone, they’re gone! Limited Edition, so yet another reason for me to order that YSL Glossy Stain I’ve had my eye on…

Another fabulous thing Sephora has been doing for a while now… Fan Fridays! Fan Fridays is a Facebook exclusive weekly treat offered up by Sephora, as a simple way of spreading the love to their loyal (and somewhat fanatical, such as myself) fans.

Not going to lie, this one is pretty amazing. I have already downloaded the Wrapp app, and went a bit crazy sending out Sephora gift cards to all of my girlfriends!



Feeling neglected, and want some Wrapp love? Add me on Facebook, and include the keyword “Wrapp” in the message box! ♥

Also, before I forget – if you’re at all like me, and have always wanted to try Dior’s infamous Diorshow mascara but have somehow never gotten around to it, now is your chance!



So, I hope this information has been helpful to at least a few of you! I’m always quite hyped about events such as these! Hehe…

Until next time, stay beautiful!