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The last time I updated was on May 28th, and I had already been enjoying the overall hair care experience of the Phylia products line, however; now on my 6th week of use, I can vouch for its effectiveness.

Here are the changes I have noticed so far, using Phylia de M. Clean, Condition, & Connect:

  • New eyebrow hairs have grown in, in areas I had previously not been able to revive them, with the use of both Clean & Connect.
  • Hair growth seems to be accelerated & softness has been vastly improved with the use of all 3 products.
  • New hair growth on scalp is evident.
  • Dry, split ends are minimized with the daily application of Condition.
  • Overall hair health is steadily improving.
  • Hair fallout is declining.

All  in all, I am very happy with the results I have been seeing, and look forward to posting the next update on my progress with Phylia de M.!

On a side note, I always find it quite interesting to glance over the search queries that direct people to my posts, so – I decided to include some of the answers to your searches in this post:

Phylia de M., does it work?

This is the most commonly asked search query related to Phylia de M. amongst my site visitors. The answer is yes, Phylia de M. does work, but it requires patience, and regular use.

How do I use Phylia de M. Connect?

This is a question well worth answering, since I find the application methods of Connect are numerous, depending on how creative you are.

Phylia de M. recommends combing your hair into sections, and spritzing Connect at the roots, so as to cover your entire scalp. This is the surest application method, and is pretty well foolproof.

Connect does come in a spray bottle, but don’t let that stop you from discovering other application methods! Here are a few of the other ways I have incorporated Connect into my daily routine:

  • Combine desired amounts of both Condition and Connect in a spray bottle, and fill the remainder with distilled spring water. Spritz on roots and ends for a hydrating, repairing drink for your hair!
  • Unscrew the spray top of Connect, and with a Q-tip applicator, dip it into the bottle, and then apply to brows and roots of lashes.

Out of all of the Phylia de M. products, Connect has the most application uses in my opinion. And, for that reason – I wish the bottle was much, much bigger.

The bottle included in the 3 Step Kit is 4 fl. 0z., unlike the other two products (Cleanse & Condition), which are both 8 fl. oz.. I wish it did come in an 8 fl. 0z. bottle, considering you will use this product (if applied daily only to scalp) eons before you will even come close to using up the other two. So, you may want to keep this in mind and possibly consider ordering a bottle of Connect alongside the 3 Step Kit.

Another question that has come up:

Who can use Phylia de M.?

Everyone can benefit from Phylia de M., since lush, healthy hair is welcome (and desired) at every age. Plus, the ingredients are gentle enough to use even on infants.

Does Phylia de M. work on lashes?

It does indeed! The Phylia de M. formula should in all reality, work anywhere you have hair follicles. Be careful not to get Connect directly in your eyes though, as it does sting.

Phylia de M. coupon code

Well, I haven’t seen one of those yet, but I will be on the lookout!

Edit: Promo code for 15% off + get a $20 credit on purchase of Phylia de M.!


So that pretty well rounds things up for now, but do check back as I will be updating again in early July.


Have you tried any of Phylia de M.’s products yet? I would love to hear your thoughts and experience with them, and more ways to optimize use, so share below!

For further information on Phylia de M. and how to use, please visit their website.

Hope you are all enjoying these first few days of summer, and the rising temperatures as much as I am!

Until next time, stay beautiful!
Love, Ashley 

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