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Tomorrow is the beginning of my 10th week of using Phylia de M.’s 3 Step Kit! So, I have already had roughly 2½ months of use out of it, and I have enough to last me until the end of the month!

According to Phylia de M., it takes about 9 months to start seeing real results (after the detoxification/scalp purifying process), or in other words, new hair growth.

You can consider this an investment of around $400, for 9 months on the Phylia de M. 3 step system.

Does hair length matter? Well, not in my opinion. If you follow @phyliahair on Twitter, a wealth of knowledge on how to properly use Phylia de M. is right there at your finger tips; one of the best tips being, CLEAN should be applied primarily to the scalp, massaged into the scalp thoroughly, left to sit for at least 2-3 minutes (I tend to leave clean in my hair anywhere from 5-10 minutes, when showering), and then rinsed out – you need not worry about the mass of your hair being “shampooed”, since while rinsing out CLEAN, that alone should be sufficient.

Personally, I have found that CONNECT was the product I went through the fastest (again, this is only a 4 fl. 0z. bottle, which is half the size of both other products), as it is by far the most potent, and versatile of the three.

I have included some tips on how I like to get the most out of my Phylia de M. 3 Step Kit on my three previous posts.

Both my younger sister, and my Mother are now using Phylia de M. with me. My sister has not used it often enough to notice anything, but my Mother has been using it daily.

My Mother is 49 years old, has naturally curly hair (curly hair is almost always drier than other hair types), and has experienced thinning since about age 26 due to stress related health problems.

Again, she has been using the Phylia de M. 3 Step Kit daily.

She told me that she sprays CONNECT only in the areas she feels need the most attention (widow’s peaks, and her center-part hair line).

Remarkably, after only about 3 weeks of use now, she has noticed new hair growth on her widow’s peaks, which I confirmed for her – fine baby hairs are filling them in quite nicely.

Now, in contrast, she also noticed something that had her rather alarmed – she was losing globs of hair on the top of her head, which she didn’t understand, especially after having such positive results on the other areas she was applying CONNECT religiously.

In search of an answer, I contacted the ever helpful Kazu Namise, who provided me with exactly the answer my Mother was in search of:

…Our science is based upon the fact that hair growth is one mechanism within the context of ones total body, that is reflective of inner body wellbeing…

…Our product is very gentle but with a very potent scalp and follicle health activation formula which works first to detoxify the scalp and nerves and draw out any residual toxins, so there can sometimes be some change in the quality of the hair during the first phase of transition from other hair dressing products, for some hair and scalp types….

My Mother’s mind was instantly put at ease, since she explained to me that she knew her former health problems had played as the largest factor in her hair loss/condition.

As for my own progress, I have just been getting more of the same great results – incredibly soft hair, and lots of new baby hairs seem to be growing. My brows have been filling in wonderfully, as I continue to use CLEAN and CONNECT on them.

So, we are moving forward, on the road to beautiful, luscious hair!

Until next time beauties!
Love, Ashley

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