I find myself in a bit of disbelief as I realize we are now in the second week of August! With Summer soon coming to an end, I thought it was about time I posted about my favorite new bikini!

As anyone who keeps up with my Twitter, Instagram, or my 22nd Birthday Wishlist would know, I am a huge fan of ACACIA Swimwear; after lusting over a few pieces for about 2 months, I finally caved and picked them up in the über lovely Choctaw print.

I chose to pair the Haena top with Bahia bottoms; I absolutely adore both styles! The scrunch bottom is very flattering on all shapes and sizes. And who doesn’t love a little enhancement, right?

A little about the fit:

Using the ACACIA Swimwear size chart, which can be found on most websites that sell ACACIA is the key to getting the right fit, as some of ACACIA’s pieces fit a bit differently that one would expect.

For instance, I am a 24H/26G, so when I purchase swimwear, I usually fit fine in a size Small top. Now, a “fine fit” in ACACIA is a bit different, granted, but I found out that a Small top on my bust provided somewhat obscene coverage.

Medium was the way to go.

EDIT: An alternative way to style the Haena top!

Alternative (and my favorite) way to wear the @acaciaswimwear #Haena #bikini top! :D #acaciaswimwear

Alternative (and my favorite) way to wear the ACACIA Swimwear Haena bikini top! ♥

As for the bottoms, the Bahia bottoms in XS was the correct size for me according to the charts (I wear a size 00, with 24″ waist, 35″ hips), but I opted for bottoms in Small, just because the coverage is so extremely minimal.

Here I am wearing the Bahia bottoms ♥

Here I am wearing the Bahia bottoms ♥

Maybe as I become a bit more daring I will pick up another Bahia bottom in XS, but for now – every extra little bit of fabric helps in toning down that feeling of being overly exposed. Entirely personal preference, I might add, as these bottoms are intended to be more daring than your average!

I did have a difficult time in finding these pieces in the Choctaw print (and right size(s)), as all ACACIA pieces are sold as separates. After doing a fair bit of looking around, I was able to track them down on Vida Soleil, and snapped them up right away!

Truly, the most gorgeous bikini I’ve every owned, and I love it to bits! The inner lining is buttery soft, and the long, braided ties on the Haena top are simply lovely; I love the way you can drape them over your shoulder, or down your back!

EDIT: Additionally – I purchased the Mumbai bottoms (couldn’t get the Choctaw print Ho’okipa bottoms in my size – the ones I really wanted initially), which I absolutely love!

So, for any of  you who might be looking for a good opportunity to take home some ACACIA of your own, as a promotion for the Nike US Open of Surfing, when you use the code USOS15 on Vida Soleil, you will get 15% off on your entire order, until August 11, 2012!

Also, if you are feeling particularly lucky – Vida Soleil is hosting an Instagram (@vidasoleil) contest, where you can win the lovely ACACIA Swimwear Haena top and Mumbai bottom in the limited edition Sports Illustrated red!

I hope you all have been enjoying your summer, the lovely weather, and all of the sunshine that just doesn’t last long enough!

Until next time beauties!

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