I will start this post off by saying, if you don’t yet own a Mimi Holliday bra, you are missing out! But fear not – there are often fabulous Mimi Holliday sales taking place!

Of all the pretty lingerie sets I own, the Mojito is my very favorite. Sarah of Sarah Loves Beauty says it reminds her of the Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette movie that came out a couple years ago… and I would have to agree!

If you’re curious about what makes these bras so spectacular, I’ll sum it up for you: They’re super pretty, sexy, and they come in petite band sizes.

Still not impressed? Well, to put it simply, I measure at a 26G. Have you ever even heard of a 26G before? Neither had I, to be honest. So you can now begin to imagine the nightmare of finding lovely bras that even come close to fitting…

But with that said, I should mention that Mimi Holliday does not actually even make 26G bras, so I go to my sister-size of 28F, to get a good fit (and I wear them on the tightest clasp – no, you’re ideally not supposed to do this, but…).

I will be perfectly honest about it; while not entirely perfect, when I wear them on the very tightest clasp, I get good support, and am happy with the way they fit. If I get brave/saavy with a needle in the future, I shall attempt to make the band a bit smaller to better suit my needs, but enough about all that! If you want to get the full scoop on how a good bra should fit, take a look at my bra sizing guide for petite women!

Alright, so this bra cost me a pretty penny, but if you’re as smitten with the colors as I am, it’s worth every last cent!

So now for the eye candy!

The gorgeous lime green satin silk is overlaid with the most lovely peach lace I’ve ever seen – the color combination is absolutely delicious… and don’t you just love the bubblegum pink accent bow? Darling!

The lining is buttery soft, and makes this bra really, really comfortable to wear. I am also a big fan of plunge style cups; very versatile under a great many dresses and tops.

I had to order these panties separately from Free People (snagged the very last pair, too!), due to the fact that the Mimi Holliday online store tends to sell out of them very, very quickly.

I absolutely adore the fit, but make sure you order them in the correct size – they are made of a non-stretchy lace, so you don’t have much (if any) room for error.

If like me, you are a size 00 or 0 (24 or 25), you’re going to want to get these in XS.

In short – of all the things a woman needs in her wardrobe, Mimi Holliday has my nomination!

Until next time, beauties!

2 Comments to “Mimi Holliday ♥ Mojito”
  1. Aww, you mentioned me, YAY! I feel special. :D
    But yes, this bran and panty set is completely stunning. I WANT!

    • Haha, but of course! You were entirely responsible for convincing me that I needed this bra in my life, and so I had to mention you! Hehe!
      (But yes, you need it too! Late birthday present, perhaps?) (;