Hello! I hope all of you have been having a lovely summer. For me, the worst part of summer is always when it comes to a close, and the weather starts to get a bit nippy.

Here in Montana we’ve been experiencing lots of fires and drought lately, so unlike myself, many are welcoming in the cooler weather.

But enough about all of that – here are some of my memories from summer 2012!

My Mother’s roses, all in full bloom.

This summer, I discovered that I have a kombucha addiction… Mystic Mango, Guava Goddess, & Gingerade are my current favorites. I recommend that you try! This stuff is delicious!

As some of you may know, I prefer to shop at downtown local boutiques, or online boutiques… This top by Hazel was one of my downtown boutique splurges, à la Marcasa. I think I did spend a good $100 on this little pretty, but it looks killer with a pair of black pumps or slingback heels, and a pair of denim shorts!

I am easily persuaded to purchase pink things… however, these being one of my favorite brands – BCBG – heels, it really took no persuasion at all. Love at first sight! These have been my favorite heels this summer.

My boyfriend and I took a day trip up to the mountains; these photos were taken near Red Lodge, Montana.

I picked up NARS Mekong… I am still trying to decide if I love it, or hate it. It has a bit of a finicky texture, as in – it goes on powdery and matte, despite the fact it appears to have lovely golden micro glitter… über annoying!

This was my July Julep Maven box + add-ons. The pretty glittery red was a little added gift to celebrate the 4th of July. Love!

One of my favorite rides, the Thunderbolt! I’m not one to miss the fair!

My second Phylia de M. 3 Step Kit purchase! And a lovely soap from Kazu (which literally is the best soap I’ve ever used… and I’m not at all a fan of bar soaps), which has done incredible things for my skin. I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I love, love, love Phylia de M., but I will reemphasize by telling you – I use Clean as a face wash, Connect as a toner, and Condition as a leave-in overnight conditioning treatment. Literally, it is my hair and skincare routine all rolled in to one pretty little bundle, and I have never been more pleased with either my hair nor skin. This product line is MAGIC! Best purchase I ever made.

Montana weather is crazy. It was sunny and 98˚ one minute and then about 46˚ the next, as a big angry storm rolled in…

Still trying to decide which colors to buy duplicates of, for October’s upcoming Julep giveaway… I love them all!

I discovered that I seem to have a talent for making pies with delightfully flaky crusts, and not-too-sweet fillings. Mm-mmm!

I love Jurlique products. Granted I am currently using my Phylia de M. Clean as a facial cleanser, but I do try and rotate products periodically so as not to lose the benefits of any given one of them; Jurlique is hands down the best out there, if you’re not slathering your face and body up with Phylia de M.!

For removing makeup (especially eye makeup), I always turn to my beloved Shu Uemura cleansing oils. Simply the best! I do recommend following with a cleanser though, to ensure all residue is thoroughly washed away.

The October giveaway clutch! How many products do you think I can fill it with? If all goes as planned, it will include several of my year-round (favorite) essential beauty items!

I finally managed to get my hands on this lovely ACACIA Swimwear Haena top/Mumbai bottom bikini in Choctaw print! Sadly, I have been too paranoid of the sun to actually go swimming yet this year… oy vey.

I was lucky enough to get some fresh galangal root (after searching the local markets relentlessly), and made some Tom Kha Kai!


And that pretty well concludes all of the excitement that’s been happening in my life, lately! I hope all of you had a lovely summer, and have a great new school year!