Hello everyone (and to my French-speaking readers, Bonjour)!

After a giving it some thought, I decided that I am going to start making monthly wishlists, where the following month, I will include the items which I have purchased or received off of them, along with little mini reviews. Hopefully this will prove to be a more effective way at making sure I blog about all of my purchases (beauty or otherwise)!

So, first off – I am a huge fan of NARS of course… so I will begin by showing you the items I have sitting in my shopping cart, while I lust after them quite longingly.

The Official Site of NARS Cosmetics

And then the Sephora list, of course. It may seem silly to purchase NARS products from Sephora when I could just purchase them right through NARS, but with Sephora I have the benefit of points. Mind you, Sephora does not carry the full range of NARS products, so therefore I deem it necessary to shop from both.


I have ordered a couple of the multiples (Malibu & Lamu) from Sephora the other night, and am really excited to receive them… I shall have pictures up on my Instagram & Twitter as soon as they arrive!

And speaking of Twitter… any of you that might follow my tweets is probably painfully aware that I’m somewhat of a GUESS fanatic. Half my wardrobe is GUESS at this point, and I’m not even going to pretend that I am sorry, nor ashamed.


If you click on the photo, you may notice the 20% off GUESS discount in the promo code box… G20G. I am not entirely sure when it expires, so if you’re planning to order anything from GUESS, now is the time to do so!

And of course, last but not least – a few selections from another one of those websites that I find myself drooling at for ages and ages…

Free People

I can’t help but be madly in love with lace dresses; so romantic and feminine! And this pair of sweater leggings has pretty much taken up permanent residence in my heart. These items are up near the top of my lust-list!

The total for everything here would be somewhere around $1,081. So… don’t expect to see all of these in next month’s post! Haha.

Anything that is especially catching your eye, this lovely month of October? Please don’t be shy, and tell me in a comment – I love reading them! ♥

I hope you are all staying warm, and enjoying the Autumn weather!