For those of you that follow C’est Bon, my Twitter, or Instagram, you all probably already are well informed of the fact that I absolutely love Phylia de M. I will go so far as to say that I will never use anything but Phylia de M., so long it is available for purchase (and in the scenario that it would ever not be, I would probably beg and plead on my knees for the magic recipe).

Since my last post, I have purchased two 3 Step Kits. I am halfway through the second of the two, so I will probably be re-ordering at the end of this current month, or the beginning of next.

I have been using them much quicker than I did when I had written my previous posts. Not because the bottles have decreased in size, or because my hair requires more product, but rather, because I have discovered even more ways to use Phylia de M.!


Well… don’t be.

I have been using Phylia de M. Clean since August (about 3.5 months, now!) as my facial cleanser.

I know, I know… it sounds iffy, right? Using a shampoo as a facial cleanser… exactly the sort of thing your mother would tell you to never do, but! Your mother most likely was not familiar with Phylia de M., which has ingredients so safe, you can use all 3 products on a baby.

And the main difference with Phylia de M. is that it is actually good for your hair, whereas most other hair products aren’t.

“Good for your hair, means good for skin and nails” says Kazu Namise, the Founder & CEO of Phylia de M..

It makes sense, right? And moreover, why would you want to stick something on your scalp if you couldn’t feel comfortable with using it elsewhere?

As always, here are a just a few of the many ways that I love to incorporate Phylia de M. as part of my overall hair and body care routine:

  • I use Clean as my daily facial cleanser & body wash.
  • I use Connect as a facial toner, as it helps to repair skin and increase keratin.
  • I massage Clean in to my eyebrows daily, and follow with Connect to improve brow health, and increase growth.
  • I apply Connect to my eyelashes nightly as a growth serum, which helps to decrease fallout.
  • I add Connect to my mascaras to thin out the formula to my liking.
  • I put equal parts of Connect & Condition in a spray bottle, fill the rest with distilled water, and use as a leave-in conditioner.
  • I like to spritz my hair at night with Connect, follow with a generous amount of Condition, pull on a shower cap, and wrap with a warm towel. I leave it in as an overnight moisture/repair treatment (it will leave your hair feeling incredible).

Again, these are just a few of the many ways that the Phylia de M. line of products can be used.

And now for some big – and I do mean BIG – news…

I would like to introduce to you, Connect Rephyl!

I cannot even begin to say how much I anticipated this product… it is an entire 19.3 fl. oz. in size (in the pictures you may notice that the top of the bottle is empty… well, I had actually filled 2 of the 4 fl. oz. Connect bottles up, prior to taking pictures…whoops!) and will last you forever. Okay, maybe not really forever, but it certainly is a good investment for anyone that really wants to use Connect on a daily basis. 4 fl. oz. just really doesn’t last you very long. I get about 2 -3 weeks out of my 4 fl. oz. bottle of Connect, if I’m lucky.

A godsend.

That is all.

If you haven’t already read through my previous posts about my hair journey with Phylia de M., definitely do so!

It’s all been uphill, and I am ever so thankful that I made the decision to try it. My hair grows faster, feels softer, is more manageable, has minimal fallout, has become thicker, and overall looks and is healthier.

Not to mention, my eyebrows have been pretty much resurrected from the dead, with the use of Phylia de M. Clean & Connect. Even years and years of over plucking in my teens is no battle too great for Phylia de M.!

But no need to take my word for it! I highly urge that you try it for yourself; Phylia de M. has changed my hair, and my life.

Phylia de M. can be purchased online directly though their website, Phylia [de M.].

So, as always – if you have any thoughts of questions about Phylia de M., please do not hesitate to leave me a comment! I love reading through them!

I hope you are all staying warm, and having a lovely Autumn!


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