One of my childhood friends is getting married next month, and I haven’t attended a wedding since last September.

Since then, I have learnt a few things about wedding etiquette that I never had even considered; I am told it’s quickly becoming archaic, but in good taste, one should always avoid wearing white to a wedding, unless you yourself are the bride.

Avoiding one color such as white isn’t such a big deal, but etiquette experts also say as much as, one should avoid any color that even comes close to resembling something like white (cream, off-white, nude, beige, palest of pinks, you get the idea), and black, because black is supposedly a color of bad tidings when worn to a wedding (a bit too reminiscent of a funeral, perhaps? Who knows).

Other colors to avoid: anything too bright, i.e., hot pink, neon yellow, orange, and red should be avoided at all cost; the attention should be focused on the bride, and not distracted from by loudly dressed guests.

There seems to be a lot of discrepancies and general disagreements on the omission of black from wedding attire (especially that of which is acceptable for a guest to wear), but just to play things safe, I figured I could rule that color out as well.

All things considered (or ruled out entirely), I decided on orchid purple. Not overly understated, yet not so bright that it would attract undue attention, or stand any chance at detracting away from the bride and her crisp white.


Disclaimer: Yes, I am obsessed with BCBG Max Azria everything. Hence, this entire above wardrobe can be purchased from BCBG online boutique.

I tend to think accessories should be kept simple when wearing a dress like this, keeping it as the focal point; uncluttered, and exempt from gaudiness. Beside earrings and a dainty gold necklace, the only other accessory I would consider adding would be my beloved Rachel Leigh Singita Infinity Bracelet…


So, a quick little rhyme in summary:

When in the quest
of assessing the dress
for the wedding guest
simple is best.

Yes, that was a bit much, but… ahem.

Onwards warm spring weather, and the very best of wishes to anyone getting married this Spring!

Until next time, beauties!