Just a quick little peek of my new ACACIA Swimwear bikini I purchased from The Girl & The Water!

ACACIA Swimwear Lumahai top & Maui bottom in Vintage Aloha print.

I purchased the Lumahai top in Medium, and the Maui bottom in Small. In retrospect, I think I would purchase the Maui bottom in X-Small next time, but luckily, ACACIA bikinis are pretty tiny to begin with, so the fit was rather forgiving.

As for the top, my bane – I have an uncommonly small ribcage, and proportionally large breasts (I am a 24GG/24H bra size), so the top is a bit big around, and the coverage over my bust isn’t quite right, but with that said – this is still a lovely bikini, and I am not sending it in for a size exchange. However, I would definitely recommend going to a size Large if you are at least a 32D and above.

I am really, really happy with my decision to purchase this bikini. I was a bit unsure of how this color would look against my über pale skin (a great deal of the photos I saw online made this print look more on the neon orange side, and were all modeled on women with nicely tanned skin – a bit difficult to use as a personal reference), but it’s actually quite pleasant, not too bright, and does not wash me out; the color is pretty much exactly how it appears in the photo.

I must admit, I also gave in to my desires and purchased another bikini in Thai print, so I will be posting pictures of that too, once it arrives.

Have you ever purchased an ACACIA bikini, or shopped via The Girl & The Water? Please share your experiences in the comments! ♥

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer!

Planet Blue
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