Instagram is a dangerous addiction that plants a certain urgency into my subconscious, making me purchase things I don’t need probably really need. Maybe.

Here are a few photos from one of my favorite Instagram feeds: The Girl & The Water.

[instapress userid=”thegirlandthewater” piccount=”9″ size=”175″ effect=”0″]

As any of the geographically informed among you may know, Montana is land-locked, therefore there is no glistening salty ocean for me to spend my days in. But somehow pretty bikinis take the sting of jealousy away, just ever so slightly.

So this is what I have finally decided on purchasing:

I had a really difficult time deciding between this and Thai print, but alas, Vintage Aloha is just too lovely to resist. If I purchased another bikini, I would definitely want the Maui bottom and Haena top in Thai; absolutely gorgeous (hint, hint)!

And for those of you interested in sizing, ACACIA bikinis are itty bitty. So, whatever size you normally wear, I recommend sizing up, unless you’re a true minimalist and/or are less than well endowed. I generally purchase everything in XXS/XS. I wear size 00/0 or 24/25 in most dresses and jeans, but an ACACIA XS bottom was borderline obscene on me. And anyone with more than an AA/A cup, I would avoid an XS top at all costs. You can view the ACACIA Swimwear sizing chart here on my previous post.

Safe to say, I am exceptionally excited to go swimming, and will be compulsively checking for tracking updates until the moment it arrives in my mailbox!

Meanwhile, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer weather!


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