I have terrible self restraint, so of course, I purchased the Haena top & Maui bottom in Thai print when The Girl & The Water was having their sale, which I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks back.

I promised pictures in my previous post of my Lumahai top & Maui bottom in Vintage Aloha print, so without further ado, here you are!

ACACIA Swimwear Haena top & Maui bottom in Thai print from The Girl & The Water

I purchased the bottoms in Small and the top in Medium, but after some serious consideration since my last post, in these two styles, if I were to repurchase, I would go for an X-Small bottom, and a Large top.

In case you have not read my previous musings and notes on such, I am a 24GG/24H bra size (proportionally large breasts for the size of my ribcage), and I purchase everything in an XX-Small/X-Small or 00/0. And for good measure, my jeans size is a USA 24.

Here is the ACACIA Swimwear size chart to hopefully help you figure out your perfect size(s):

If you’re as smitten as I am, I definitely recommend keeping an eye out on The Girl & The Water’s Instagram feed, as there are often giveaways, not to mention sale alerts – always a good thing if you’re addicted to designer swimwear, or simply just waiting for a good excuse to stock up (honeymoon or vacation coming up, perhaps?)!

On that note – I hope those of you in the United States such as myself had a fantastic Independence Day!

My sisters and I attempted to make it to three separate parties, and a fireworks show. As it happened, we made it to one party and the fireworks show, and had an absolutely lovely time of it. Sometimes less it more!

Hope you beauties all are enjoying the remainder of the weekend!


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