Hello lovelies!

I decided I am going to try and do a little fundraiser by selling some little sketches of random ladies that dance around in my imagination…!

As they will all be random sketches, I am going to charge only $45 each, including S&H within the USA & Canada.

Here are a few little examples of my work:

A work in progress… « Une fille avec des oreilles de lapin » by Ashley Michèlle

All about the lips.

A little work in progress…

Completed sketch.

Out of the illustrations shown above, « Une fille aver des oreilles de lapin » is available for purchase upon completion. All other sketches will be unique and personalized.

To inquire about purchasing, please contact me, or leave me a comment here! ♥

Planet Blue
Ashley is a visual designer, artist, MUA, and photographer by day, lifestyle blogger by night. She enjoys How I Met Your Mother marathons, Swedish pop music, and has a bit of a shoe fetish, and will beat you in a kombucha drinking contest, any day, any time.