I will begin by saying, overall I am not at all a fan of loose powders, as I find the brush often picks up too much product, and leaves a chalky looking finish on the skin, or else sticks to the facial hairs in an unflattering fashion. Now, having said this, when I do find the need to use a loose powder, hands down, I adore the extremely fine milled texture and beautiful finish of NARS loose powders.

As is the case with most NARS products, less is definitely more with this powder – it works best when applied very lightly only over the T-zone.

What are your thoughts on loose powders, or complexion powders in general? Have you tried NARS powders before? Let me know in the comments below! ♥

NARS Loose Powder can be purchased at NARS Cosmetics.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, and for all of my American beauties, I hope you all had a simply wonderful Independence day, and 4th of July weekend!

Stay beautiful!

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