One of my readers recently asked me a question about Phylia de M. in regards to repairing the scalp from bleach/chemical burns… I have been using Phylia de M. for well over a year, and have had definite improvement with my hair, even after personally having a positively horrific bleach job done by a cosmetology student, but to properly answer this question, I reached out to Kazu of Phylia de M., and here was her response for the curious among you:

Regarding scalp burn and hair loss:
Phylia de M’s formula works to heal the skin and help to restore nerve to follicle connection. Following severe or repeated treatment burns, there can be nerve damage under the scalp which causes hair loss.
Healing will take time after chemical burns, but we have found that with consistent use of Phylia -in this case mostly CLEAN and CONNECT (and then follow up after 2 or 3 months by introducing the more potent RE-CONNECT), the scalp will heal, nerves repaired and hair growing again.

Hopefully this information is helpful to those of you looking for a way to recover from an experience similar to mine or that of my reader, as it is extremely traumatic…

Have a fantastic weekend, beauties!

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