My fiancé Robert and I are headed down to Los Angeles/Beverly Hills and Scottsdale/Phoenix in 11 days from now, and I am ecstatic!
We are going to look at bridal gowns, Jimmy Choos, and I am going to get my hair done…

My current fiasco is trying to figure out what sort of skincare and makeup products I can pack that aren’t going to go over the TSA liquids limit, and managing to get everything I need for a week in a carry-on.

Any of you lovely readers in the L.A./Beverly Hills or Scottsdale/Phoenix area? If so, do recommend places for us to eat!
We are craving authentic Arabic, Mexican and Thai food!

With my wedding in just about 2 months, I am starting to feel the heat (I’ve barely made a dent in the wedding arrangements), so this little break away from the stress of the daily routine will be really, really nice.


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