As I recently announced, I am getting married within the next 3 months, here in Billings, Montana!

A Montana wedding presents a good amount of challenges – location, limited venues and vendors/rentals, unusually expensive photographers, and the wild and less than compliant weather (before you think I’m exaggerating, let me explain: it’s only December, and it’s already been -20℉ here in Billings)! But, with all that being said, I am having a decent amount of success getting things together on my limited time slot (I have roughly a month and a half to get the entire wedding together).

So, without any further ado… a little sneak peek at what my bridesmaids will be wearing in my upcoming wedding, this March!

I have left the shoes to their discretion, with one guideline – they must be gold! ♥

Here is the inspiration pin board for the general bridesmaid look that I’m going for:

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My bridesmaids are fantastic – all of them already have their dresses, and some even have their shoes! I couldn’t be more excited!

And while I’m on that note, a quick peek at my bridal wishlist for the honeymoon!

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