I know many of you read my blog for information on the fabulous Phylia de M. haircare line, so I had to let you all know that Phylia de M. is available for purchase at AHAlife, where they offer free shipping with every order $100 and over. As many of you know, it’s pretty much a given that you will be spending over $100 for any of the multi-step kits.

Free shipping is a fabulous discount, considering that shipping directly from Phylia de M. is around $15.

And, last but certainly not least – if you sign up for Ebates and shop through their AHAlife link, you save an additional 3.5% on your order, which is about $7.15 for the 4 step kit, and $14.70 for the Complete Haircare Kit.

Phylia de M. Complete Haircare Kit


Happy hair, and shopping, darlings!


AHAlife Holdings Inc.

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