I am beyond thrilled with the progress my fiancé have made this past week! Yesterday was the real turning point, when we finally chose and booked our venue. I couldn’t be more excited about the location of our choosing!

My bridesmaids all have their dresses ordered, so the last thing they have to worry about is their shoes and accessories. That was a huge deal on my list for some reason, but with that out of the way, and a gorgeous wedding venue reserved, I am feeling quite a bit of relief!

As most people, my fiancé Robert and I made a good bit of changing to our wedding plans. Initially, we figured we would have it here amongst our family and friends in Billings, Montana, and have an April wedding. Granted by this point, we had been dating only about a month and a half or so, when these plans began to formulate. As you can probably imagine, my parents thought we were moving a bit too fast for their liking, and recommended that we not do anything until at least May. But that’s when we started thinking, and getting ideas about all the possibilities we had at hand…

May, we planned to have our wedding first in Northern California, in the Napa or Sonoma region. We were actually both quite enthused about the progression towards that as our destination, but the longer we planned for it, the more we began to realize it wasn’t going to be ideal weather for what we really wanted. That’s how it got moved to my birthplace of Southern California, in the Pasadena/Los Angeles/Santa Monica spectrum.

As great as the venues we were seeing online were, the process was becoming daunting and stressful. My fiancé pretty well had bailed out of the process as much as he possibly could, by this point. Everyone was starting to lose their zeal, and lethargy was becoming far more prominent than should ever be involved in the process of planning a wedding.

Fair to mention, my fiancé and I will be in Hawaii come February with his parents, so just when things were their most bland, Robert suggested we get married there. This was our means to a final decision – when we decided to do this, literally everyone was onboard with the idea. Our main issue was choosing a venue before actually getting to see it. We had made good progress on searching out locations, and when we had finally just about settled on one, it was finally brought to the forefront, that mine and Robert’s grandparents weren’t going to be able to make the trip.

So, a very long, and tedious story short, we decided to opt to have our wedding here in Montana again, this coming March of 2014! We have the date narrowed down to a particular week, and we are currently working on scheduling with our venues. We have chosen to hold our wedding ceremony at the historic Moss Mansion, in the downtown portion of Billings, and our reception will be at the Yellowstone Country Club.

I’m still on the hunt for my photographers, but so far it has been narrowed down to these lovely choices:

Photographer(s) of Choice

Cluney Photo | Missoula, Montana
Rebecca Hollis Photography | Bitterroot Valley, Montana
Marianne Wiest | Kalispell, Montana

Do any of you remember my obsession with Inbal Dror? I was pinning her gowns incessantly on Pinterest, posting them on Instagram and tweeting about them on Twitter…

Well, it’s safe to say, that’s one thing that is still going quite strong. I have scoured the internet for something to tempt me away from their gorgeousness, and so far nothing has prevailed; it’s both an elating and daunting situation I find myself in.

My list of things to do is still a bit overwhelming, but at least now I’m getting somewhere definite!

If any of you newly engaged, soon-to-be-brides, or experienced brides among you have pointers on how to prioritize this process, do send your suggestions my way—I’m in need of all the help I can get!

Ashley Michèlle

Ashley is a visual designer, artist, MUA, and photographer by day, lifestyle blogger by night. She enjoys How I Met Your Mother marathons, Swedish pop music, and has a bit of a shoe fetish, and will beat you in a kombucha drinking contest, any day, any time.