Hairloss. Somehow this topic has become dauntingly prominent on internet search analytics, which goes to show the alarming volume of men and women struggling to keep their hair.

It’s no stranger to me – as an anaemic, and easily stressed sort of person whom has experienced various horrible sleep patterns and bouts of poor health due to my delicate constitution, and a traumatic hair-bleaching-gone-wrong, I’ve lost over half the luscious head of hair I had as a teenager. But, I’m hardly the kind who settles with my misfortunes without a good fight, hence, my search for the best available methods of hairloss prevention, and hair growth regeneration are ever present.

I have compiled a list of the top 3 most promising products I have found, for fighting hairloss. These products used in conjunction should be nothing short of effective, in my opinion. But, as always, do your own research – it certainly can’t hurt.

No. 1: Phylia de M. Complete Kit Available for purchase at AHAlife for $420.

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No. 2: HairMax Pro 12 Laser Comb Available for purchase at Nordstom for $495 or in the UK at Cult Beauty for £340.

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No. 3: Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplement Available for purchase at Norstrom for $38 or in the UK at Cult Beauty for £69.


If I were going to make a decision on how to go about using these products for you, I would recommend using the HairMax laser, and maintaining the health and integrity of your scalp with the help of the Phylia de M. line of products (Fulphyl is great, too. I take it daily), and some good supplements to detox and nourish your vital organs and cells.

I have just started taking a Triphala supplement by the Chopra Center (been dabbling a bit with Ayurvedic medicine – I really do like the holistic, naturalistic and cellular approach to wellness and medicine), and one of the benefits is supposedly increased hair growth. Hoping to see something impressive happen in time for my upcoming wedding…

I will follow up with any additional products I find that might be of aid in the hairless department; I encourage anyone who is curious about Phylia de M. to read my other posts about my personal experience with Phylia de M..

Happy hair journeys!


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