My fiancé Robert is a celiac, and I have gluten sensitivities.

Ever notice if you eat something glutinous (generally wheat products), that your stomach may swell and feel bloated, or your digestive system seems a little out of sorts? You may well have a gluten sensitivity.

Now, I have never been very good at avoiding gluten. I love breads and flour tortillas, pasta… you name it. But with my wedding coming up fast, and my man being one that should never have the slightest gluten indulgence, I have been practicing up on making gluten-free baked goods, in preparation for my soon-to-be gluten-free life.

When baking with coconut flour in place of wheat flour (all-purpose or whole wheat), bear in mind that coconut flour is much more absorbent and dry. Making the adjustment however, is incredibly easy.

You use the same amount of coconut flour as you would all-purpose flour; whatever amount the recipe calls for.

For every ounce of coconut flour you use, you need to add an additional egg to the recipe (in addition to what the recipe calls for). A cup of coconut flour is roughly 4 ounces.

And that’s about it!

My favorite cake is Baker’s German Chocolate Cake, so I plan on testing that out soon. I will let you all know how that goes!

Have any gluten-free baking tips or tricks of your own? Please share them with me in the comments! I am anxious to learn more in this department!

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