I’ve been lucky, I’ll admit – most of the gluten-free things I have tried have been pretty tasty.

Those delicious Pamela’s Butter Shortbread cookies? Oh my goodness. Melt in your mouth.

But even all that having been said, there is still one thing I have never been able to get past, or even remotely enjoy, and that is making gluten-free bread. It sticks to everything! I swear, the binders in the pre-formulated flour mixes are nothing short of pure superglue. You can’t get it off your hands (if you are married, or engaged like myself, I am going to strongly suggest you remove your precious jewelry before making an attempt at sticking your hands in any form of gluten-free dough. If you don’t, you will be very sorry), it doesn’t dissolve, even when using very hot water. Even a high-powered dishwasher will have trouble…

But that’s not all! Oh, no. The flavor. So. Bad. I have had bread that was less than spectacular, but something in the gluten-free flour mix possesses one of the strongest flavors that make it very hard to palette.

So, we have a problem: we can’t use anything else, but we don’t want to eat our gluten-free creation if there is literally no enjoyment to be gained from doing so. We want to have our cake pizza, and eat it too!


I did some experimenting so that you don’t have to:

Simply mix some various herbs into your pizza dough recipe, and it will VASTLY improve the flavor. So much even, that I have been making absolutely delicious gluten-free pizza for myself and my fiancé, and I dare say, it was even comparable to my much-adored bagel-dough pizza crust recipe (fluffiest, flakiest crust ever)!

Here is what I recommend adding:

— garlic powder
— sea salt
— oregano
— Italian seasoning
— freshly ground black pepper
— fresh grated parmesan cheese
— red pepper flakes

It may seem like a lot to add (add however much of each you like), but the complex flavor that the herbs and seasonings add does an incredible job of masking the strong, unpleasant flavor the dough would otherwise possess.

I also recommend rolling the dough out with some corn meal. This extra step keeps it from sticking too terribly to things.

Have any tips and tricks on gluten-free baking for me? Please share in the comments!


I use Glutino brand pizza crust mix, because I am way too lazy to mess with mixing my own flours and binders. Glutino crust mix definitely requires the herbs to make it edible.

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