Please tell me I’m going to love this. I desperately needed to purchase a new hair tool in time for my wedding, since one of my lovely bridesmaids volunteered to do the task of styling my hair for the big day.

I’ve been going back and forth on purchasing one of these for ages (Is it just me? $130 makes me a bit squeamish when purchasing a curling tool, especially since I have natural ringlet-curls…) and finally decided to do it. Weddings make people spend money on strange things, let me just say.

sultra bombshell 1 inch curler

I purchased mine from Sephora (their nifty return policy will make me feel safer about this somewhat controversial purchase) for $130 USD.

I have an entire Pinterest board brimming with photos of hair inspiration, but here are a few I picked out while up late one night:

The wedding is exactly a week from today, so I am, as you can possibly imagine, a bit anxious over the details.


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