It wasnt too long ago that I went and had my DreamCatchers hair extensions put in at Primp And Blow (Waterfront location) in Scottsdale, Arizona.

But, during this short time, I have already learned a great deal about hair extensions, what I should have asked my stylist to ensure lasting happiness, and a myriad of little things that I never knew would be so crucial to maintaining my hairstyle. More about all of that in another post, though!

When it comes to hair extensions (or otherwise long hair) you would not believe how easily they accumulate tangles. You can kiss your days of a quick brush-through-and-out-the-door goodbye, if you plan on using that ordinary brush you’ve come to know and love. It just won’t work.

I have had decently long hair for a good while, but adding the extra couple inches makes a surprising difference (and the texture is a bit off – but I’ll cover that at a later time), and the tangles – oh the tangles!

I was out of conditioner for a few days, and I somehow managed to get the largest, most horrific knot in my hair, that I had ever laid eyes on. There was no getting it out with the brushes I had on hand. After about an hour of trying to get it out with the aid of a pair of needle-tip tweezers, I gave up and gave it the snip.

Albeit that I didn’t have to cut more than about three hairs, it made me sad to think I might have to go through that process on a semi-regular process, thanks to my new mane, but aftere doing some research, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel—

Enter the Drybar Lemon Drop Daily Detangler!

This little yellow brush is The Answer to all of my tangle-related hair prayers. It has a soft-touch handle, cushioned bristles, and is the ONLY brush that is able to get through my mega-tangles without snapping or yanking on my tender hairs.

The Drybar Lemon Drop Daily Detangler is $15 USD and available at Sephora (exclusive beauty retailer). Money well-spent.


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