Short and sweet, your scalp is going to itch. ALL THE TIME.

And if you are curly-haired like me, expect to have a million little baby-hairs that will accidentally get pulled into the bead by your stylist, and will cause you major headaches and pain for about a week.

Sleeping is also horribly uncomfortable for the better portion of a week. You will not be able to get comfortable. My best advice – take a heavy dose of melatonin, or pop a Tylenol before bed.

It’s now very difficult to clean your hair. Maybe it’s just because I have a relatively small scalp, but 4 packs of hair was borderline way-too-much on me. I have beads on just about every couple centimeters of my head. Trying to get in and work my fingers between those is a not an easy task!

Do I still love my extensions? You betcha’. But a word of advice – try to find as much information about what living with them will be like beforehand – it’s much easier to deal with them if you are well prepared, unlike myself.


Ashley is a visual designer, artist, MUA, and photographer by day, lifestyle blogger by night.
She enjoys How I Met Your Mother marathons, Swedish pop music, and has a bit of a shoe fetish, and will beat you in a kombucha drinking contest, any day, any time.