I am really excited to offer my readers 20% off one of the most exciting designer websites on the net – The All-Italian Luxury Dream Store – Forzieri.com.


If you haven’t yet heard or seen anything of Forzieri, here is a little something to tickle your fancy:

“Forzieri is a global luxury dream loft highly focusing on Italian and European brands. Our collections have been enchanting the world since 1998 by featuring cutting-edge emerging designers, undiscovered master artisans and iconic fashion houses.”

With my honeymoon in Bora Bora coming up in 3 weeks, I’ve been lusting after the usual suspects…

My sister-in-law had given me a pair of PRADA sunglasses for an engagement present back in December, but somehow amid the chaos of the goings-on around January, they disappeared. I haven’t been able to quite find a pair to replace them, so I find myself considering these beauties!

For those of you on the forward-edge of haute couture, you might consider signing up for the FORZIERI newsletter; that will give you quick access to their invite-only fashion sales (up to 30% off the new seasons of your Dream Handbags and Shoes!), including the one that’s going on now.

FORZIERI.com Private Sale

And, last but certainly not least, do take advantage of the special promo that FORZIERI extended to my readers!

Bon Bon Exclusive: Save 20% Site Wide with No Minimum Threshold at FORZIERI.com! Use Promo Code: BONBON20 (Offer Valid until 6/10/2014)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy your summer!


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