The Lowdown On My Experience With DreamCatchers & Certified Stylists

For your convenience, I am compiling a list of all the DreamCatchers certified stylists I have used, along with (hopefully) informative reviews about the quality and my personal experience of their services. Happy hair days!


Alex Westmoreland
Studio Bronze | 8751 West Charleston Boulevard, Suite 295 Room D-A | Las Vegas, Nevada


I was very lucky to find Alex when I did. An internet search reveals almost no one in the Las Vegas area certified in DreamCatchers, but Alex was my saving grace. Her prices are the lowest I have ever encountered for DreamCatchers, but her work is top-knotch. She did an immaculate job of re-installing my DreamCatchers, and keeping me entertained for 4 hours. I scheduled everything with her a month or so in advance, while making plans for my Vegas Minimoon. I desperately needed to get my DreamCatchers re-installed, because they had not only grown out over an inch, but the initial install by Jessica Kemp had been so bad that my scalp was still experiencing a decent amount of discomfort. The amount of relief I experienced after Alex was done with my hair was amazing. It was the first time my scalp felt comfortable in over a month. Research your stylists! Can’t emphasize that enough.

In summary: If you need your hair done, and you are in the Vegas area, look Alex up. She’s your girl!

Summer Candow
Bentley’s Salon & Day Spa | 14061 Prospect Avenue | Tustin, California


Summer is my favorite stylist to-date, and unquestionably the most experienced. Her prices are very reasonable, and she is going to be redoing my DreamCatchers in the near future, to correct all the nonsense implemented by Jessica Kemp (wrong hair texture, wrong hair weight) and to help me transition over from Brunette to Blonde! Summer was the first stylist to move-up my DreamCatchers hair (Alex did a complete re-install), and I couldn’t have been happier with the whole process. She was efficient, friendly, and best of all – my scalp had NO pain afterward! Summer also mentioned to me that with the purchase of 4 packs of DreamCatchers hair, you automatically should get a 5th free. “If you don’t,” she said, “the stylist is probably keeping it for herself, because DreamCatchers gives you a free pack when you buy 4.” I’m looking forward to getting that extra pack of hair.

In summary: If you’re in Orange County, Summer is your go-to girl. I can’t speak highly enough of her.


Jessica Kemp
Primp And Blow, The Waterfront Downtown Location | 7135 East Camelback Road, Suite 185 | Scottsdale, Arizona

Why not?

Jessica was my first extensions stylist, and the one that purchased and installed my hair. Beside the fact that she matched my naturally curly hair with body wave extensions (strike one), I spent over a month in moderate to severe scalp discomfort and pain after her installation, not to mention the fact that during installation she would rip out my baby hairs if they were caught in the beads, instead of clipping them with scissors and exclaim “Oops! Sorry…” (strike two). Jessica told me that my scalp may be tender for a few days (no kidding, after she got done with me my head was positively numb!), but after several weeks of this had gone on, I decided to look into what was going on. Upon further investigation, I discovered something was terribly wrong with the way she had installed the hair; no one else was reporting this sort of pain from DreamCatchers. While I was in Las Vegas with my husband in May, for my Minimoon (pre-Honeymoon getaway), I was lucky enough to find Alex Westmoreland at Studio Bronze, who pointed out that my extensions were a combination of whole AND half points, when Jessica was only supposed to have ordered half points, to match with my hair texture (strike three)! And to top it all off, when describing the entire fiasco to my latest stylist Summer Candow at Bentley’s Salon & Day Spa in Tustin, California, she pointed out that if DreamCatchers give you any pain whatsoever after the initial couple days (generally 2 to 4) of slight tenderness, it’s because the hair was being over directed — this means Jessica was putting too much of my natural hair into the extension beads — which was actually pulling out a good deal of my hair by the roots (strike four)!

In summary: Whatever you do, don’t let Jessica Kemp touch your head when it comes to hair extensions. I paid a premium for over a month of headaches, hairloss and torture from her horrible installation.


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