I shared awhile back that I have TMJ which I have been getting Botox™ injections for, to help ease the spasming and pain/migraines that it creates.

I’m finally taking that a step further. Today, I just finished up getting my X-rays taken, and dental castings. I will have to wait until next month to really do anything further, but it’s a beginning!

It’s going to be a 2 year process, getting this all sorted out. I didn’t think I would be, but today after having mirrors shoved in my mouth, and cameras up in my face taking all sorts of pictures of my teeth, jaw, skeleton, and all the rest of that fancy stuff, I realized I’m a bit scared for the surgery which will take place in roughly a year from now.

Some of the complications include numbness, loss of sensation, permanent nerve and tissue damage, and divots in the jaw bone. Scary, scary.

I’m rather fond of having control over my face/lips, and having sensation to accompany. It’s interesting what we take for granted, until we start to get a grasp of our mortality.

Lots of fun in the works!

Have any of you undergone orthognathic/double jaw surgery? Please leave your experience in the comments, as I am really anxious to hear about the experience of others.


Bennion Lambourne Orthodontics, Billings, Montana
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