I’d like to introduce you to the scent that has taken over my life, and helps lull me into a peaceful sleep.

YSL Cinéma

Am I the only one that puts on a spritz of eau de parfum right before bed? I highly recommend it— your bed partner will hardly mind, especially if you’re using Cinéma!

Here is what YSL has to say about this brilliant scent:

“Glamorous, seductive, startling. Cinéma, a floral sophisticated and original enough for a starring role. Morning blooms open in a fresh accord, shimmering with cyclamen, almond and Clementine. Middle notes of amaryllis and Sambac jasmine then lead the way to depth and mystery, where amber, white musk and vanilla take a brilliant turn. Set-lighting-inspired crystal flacon with gold stopper.”

I used to be a religious user of BVLGARI Jasmin Noir (still the only perfume I could say might be as good or possibly better than Cinéma, but it’s a tough one…), but this has me thoroughly converted. It’s going to be a long while before I can envision myself reaching for anything else (and I have a rather expansive perfume collection, I might add).

Ladies and Gentleman— my new signature scent.

1.6 fl. oz. $75 or 3 fl. oz. $102 at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty



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