I recently purchased the Foreo LUNA™ Mini, a Swedish-made sonic cleansing brush. This little silicone brush is taking the beauty world by storm, so naturally — I had to get in on the action, and see what all the fuss was about!

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This teeny little device uses T-Sonic™ technology, which promises to be gentler yet clean deeper. If you have sensitive skin like I do, this makes for a very appealing product!

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I just purchased this, and I can honestly say, I don’t think it removes makeup quite as well as my Clarisonic PRO (or any Clarisonic, for that matter). This is partially due to simple personal preference, but also the fact that the Clarisonic is a brush, and I feel like it gets into small spaces a lot better and gives more of a “scrub”. If you’re accustomed to the ‘Clarisonic Clean’, you know what I’m talking about! Also, Clarisonic is proven to cleanse 6x better than traditional methods. I’ve yet to find any statistics similar to this for the LUNA™, not to say that I didn’t get a good cleanse — I just felt like it didn’t remove makeup quite as well as I would have liked to call it a full-out ‘replacement’ for my Clarisonic.

But, as for the pros – you never have to replace the brush head, unlike with Clarisonic. The Foreo LUNA™ Mini is a one-time upfront cost of $139 USD, and that’s it. It charges in a flash with a simple USB cable and is good for 300 uses before needing another charge. It’s much gentler than the Clarisonic, due to the lack of bristles. Also, the silicone is antibacterial, which reduces any fear of having germs building up and then transferring to your face.

Cleansing with the LUNA™ feels like getting a facial, and the size of the LUNA™ Mini makes it ideal for travel. It’s literally small enough to fit in your pocket!

Now, down to business – I am actually really enjoying using this, despite the above comparison to the Clarisonic. I think the cleanse is definitely gentler, and other than not being ideal for eye makeup removal, I didn’t find any makeup residue on my skin after cleansing with it. I would definitely opt to travel with this, rather than my Clarisonic. Size and convenience are definitely factors. The fact that the charging cable can hook right into the USB port on your laptop or iPhone plug is just another added benefit.

Want to read more up on it yourself? I highly suggest you check out the Foreo website!

Do you have this device, and what are your thoughts on it? Questions, comments? Leave them below — I’d love to hear from you!