I, like many other women in a frenzy over Sephora’s 20% off promo, experienced the torment of being locked out of the site due to ‘high volume’. The next day, I came across a good deal of internet complaints from other loyal Sephora shoppers, claiming that they’d been racially discriminated against, due to being Asian. Upon further investigation, it comes down to two things…

  • Sephora was strategically blocking email addresses from certain Chinese internet providers, due to a large reselling issue that they’ve apparently been combatting for quite some time. Apparently the 20% off interests resellers as much (and maybe even more) than the honest Sephora-goer.
  • 20% off Sephora sales really do break their website. Apparently the sheer volume of orders being placed—not to mention site traffic—was enough to crash the website for nearly half a day on my end.

In short, it was messy, but it doesn’t sound like racial discrimination to me. Quite a few non-Asians had their accounts blocked as well, so you be the judge! While my account wasn’t blocked, I did find myself locked out of the site and staring at a “High Traffic Volume” splash page for about 6 hours. Again, this was on the torment side of things in my world, but I did manage to get my order placed, so here’s to hoping everything in it gets shipped!

Did any of you experience the high volume traffic blocks Sephora was throwing out there? Tell me about your experience in the comments!


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