Hello beauties!

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus… long story short, my husband and his parents have both just sold their companies, the latter of which has been in the family for a really long time, so life has been CHAOS.

But amidst all of that, I’ve made time to test out a few products from Motives Cosmetics that they were kind enough to send my way for consideration, and I’m excited to share my thoughts!

So, where to begin— have you seen Instagram lately? Motives Cosmetics practically has a cult following, which was certainly enough to pique my curiosity. I had some flexibility over the products I was given to try, and I couldn’t be more pleased than I was with what they chose to send me.


Here are the products I received for review:

Motives Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow in Allure
Motives Glitter Pots in Pot of Gold
Motive Pressed Eye Shadow in Moody
Motives Glitter Adhesive
Motives Liquid Eyeliner in Noir

Now, for first impressions: I have no previous history trying anything from Motives Cosmetics, so everything was new and unexplored. I actually didn’t know I was being sent the liquid eyeliner, nor the pressed eye shadow, so that was a nice surprise. The packaging is pretty similar to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ packaging, so it’s functional and sturdy, but isn’t anything particularly glitzy. So, while it might not be what you’d have sitting on your vanity for show, it’s an excellent choice for your makeup kit, as it additionally doesn’t take up much room.

The Liquid Eyeliner was the only disappointing product, in my opinion. It’s just doesn’t have the same color payoff and opaqueness as my beloved Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner.

The Glitter Pot and Glitter Adhesive are a match made in heaven. Glitter Adhesive, where have you been all of my life? I don’t know how I survived all of the glitter fallout I’ve experienced prior to this product being a part of my arsenal. Let’s face it, if you use glitter on your eyelids, eyeshadow primer just doesn’t cut it as a base. Fallout… everywhere!

This lovely little invention solves that problem once and for all. Highly recommend.


I wish I could comment more about the Glitter Pot in Pot of Gold itself, but I feel like it’s fairly self-explanatory. After all, who doesn’t like gold glitter? This shade is perfectly universal, and reminds me of gilded midnight masquerades and champagne. New Year’s Eve or Birthday parties—this is something you should definitely be wearing on occasions such as these.

ohmybonbon-motives-cosmetics-27 ohmybonbon-motives-cosmetics-36

I really love the texture and color payoff (which is beautifully intense) of the Pressed Eye Shadow. For opaque coverage, this can be best achieved when used with an eyeshadow primer, but I found I enjoyed it the most when applied directly to the lid, blended with the Mineral Eye Shadow, or any other eyeshadow, as I like more of a subtle and sheer look.

The combination Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Moody with Mineral Eye Shadow in Allure makes for an absolutely stunning bridal look, especially if your bride is wanting soft, warm eyes and natural makeup.

ohmybonbon-motives-cosmetics-12 ohmybonbon-motives-cosmetics-3

Speaking of Mineral Eye Shadow in Allure—which by the way, is my favorite out of all of the products sent to me by Motives Cosmetics—I can’t get over how gorgeous it is. For me, it fills in that longing gap between Stila’s Eye Shadow in Kitten, and M•A•C’s Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder. It’s the perfect amount of shimmer, and blends like a dream. I found myself using it literally every single day for nearly a solid month until I found the willpower to force myself to branch out again. It’s that good.

ohmybonbon-motives-cosmetics-30 ohmybonbon-motives-cosmetics-31

For the swatches, I did apply the Glitter Pots in Pot of Gold on top of the Glitter Adhesive.

From left to right: Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow in Allure, Pressed Eye Shadow in Moody, Glitter Pots in Pot of Gold (and Glitter Adhesive), Liquid Eyeliner in Noir.


All in all, I am extremely pleased with my Motives Cosmetics christening, and am interested in trying a few other items from their line of products.

Would I recommend these to you, or a friend? Yes, to everything but the eyeliner, simply because there are better ones out there to be had.

I would like to say Thank You to Motives Cosmetics for considering me and my blog, and enduring the long wait while I tested their products, and found the time to (finally!) type up this review.