I made a trip to Kentucky on Tuesday-Wednesday last week, and brought home the little darling that I’ve had my heart set on for over 10 years.
Meet my baby borzoi puppy, Zsa Zsa!

She’s 11 weeks old as of tomorrow, and she’s unbelievably smart, agile, and not to mention fast!

She’s been keeping Robert and I on our toes. Still deciding if this is normal for a puppy her age, or just behavior specific to the breed; I’ve never met an 11 week old puppy quite so mischievous and adept at getting into trouble…

A couple things about borzoi
  1. They’re extremely stubborn and difficult to housebreak
  2. They need lots of space to run and stretch their legs
  3. They are couch potatoes and spend a large amount of time napping
  4. They rarely bark, and make generally terrible guard dogs
  5. They’re extremely friendly and like most humans
  6. They know they are adorable and use it against you to their best advantage
  7. They were originally bred for the Tsar, and were once only attainable if they were gifted to you directly from the Tsar himself

Zsa Zsa was named after one of my favorite icons of all time, the timeless beauty Zsa Zsa Gábor, and also to honor my Hungarian heritage.

Robert wanted something a little more generic like “Fluffy” but thankfully I’m the one that claimed the victory—after all, a borzoi needs a dignified name.

Our little girl is from the C’Lestial Borzoi C’Lestial Kinetic Energy of Ryhka SC / C’Lestial Powder Keg of Rykha litter.

I’ve had so much fun buying toys and blankets and other puppy things; I’ve gone a little wild shopping the Nordstrom Baby department ordering all kinds of baby toys for our puppy, but this is as close as I plan on getting to motherhood for the time being!

Our home is filled with so much love, my heart can barely contain it!


A few things that make life with a puppy a little easier


Does anyone have any tips for how to get a very picky eater to eat her dry dog kibble? Thus far, the only things she loves are pumpkin (which I purée with her rehydrated Purina Dog Chow), and other dog kibble, which has all the wrong nutrient factors for a borzoi. I’m stumped…

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