I have tried my best to address all of the questions I can recollect, both past and recent. If I have missed anything, feel free to ask; I am always reachable via Twitter or the Contact page!.


Is Ashley Michèlle your real name?

Yes! First and middle.

What is your ethnicity?

My surname (Klaus) is Swiss! My family came over to the US from Bern, Switzerland.

What color are your eyes/hair?

My eyes are hazel, and my hair is dark brown/brunette.

How tall are you?

I am 5’1″/156cm

What size are you?

I average size 00-0/24/XXS-XS in most things.

How long has Bon Bon been around?

My first blog post was on October 15th, 2011! Bon Bon has come a long way since then…

What skincare do you use?

I am a huge fan of Omorovicza! It works so well, and keeps my dry skin so hydrated and clear! I highly suggest you check out my posts on Omorovicza.

What’s your favorite online shop?

I could never choose! Though I do frequent Sephora probably more than any other, I am completely obsessed with AHAlife and Hervé Léger.

Can I use your layout for my website/blog?

No. Bon Bon‘s layout is personalized to meet my own individual blogging needs and style. But I am a freelance artist/web designer, so I would be more than happy to design one specifically for you. If this is something you think you would like, then please refer to this page.

I see that you use affiliate links… do you make money from them, and do you really like the products you link to?

Bon Bon does make use of affiliate links, but make no mistake – I love the products from the brands I promote. I have no interest whatsoever in promoting brands or products that I do not absolutely adore, nor use on a regular basis; false advertising is not the name of my game! And, yes – I do generate some revenue off of the affiliate links – which will always be mentioned when they are included in a post, but no, it is not enough for me to retire at 50 on, nor is it substantial enough to pay any bills. It’s just a fun way for my readers to share some love for me and my blog, which I do greatly appreciate!

Would you tell your readers about my blog, or be my affiliate?

Yes! I can gladly accommodate these sort of requests, by listing you as an affiliate on my Affiliates page! And if I really love your blog, I will gladly send readers your direction. So send in those blog links! I would love to give them a read!

Do you like cake?

No, not especially. Actually, I rather despise cake and what it does to my thighs. The only exception is German chocolate cake because the coconut hypnotizes me into utterly deceptive bliss.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Not enough.

Is food all you can think about?