I saw this palette on Sephora a month or so ago, and instantly fell in love. I am ashamed to admit, but this Bobbi Brown Nude On Nude Eye Shadow Palette is my first Bobbi Brown purchase! But what I am not ashamed to admit, is that this palette is gorgeous, and I am quite pleased with my first “BB Experience”.



In order of appearance:

Ivory (Eye Shadow), Chiffon (Sparkle Eye Shadow), Golden Pink (Metallic Eye Shadow), Graphite (Sparkle Eye Shadow)
Gold (Sparkle Eye Shadow), Naked (Eye Shadow), Nude Beach (Metallic Eye Shadow), Birch (Eye Shadow)
Smokey Topaz (Metallic Eye Shadow), Truffle (Eye Shadow), Golden Bronze (Metallic Eye Shadow), Espresso (Eye Shadow)



And, something else I kinda love about this palette:


The little card included with this kit gives you a great step-by-step list of shadows to use for specific eye-looks! These little cards that various beauty companies include with their palettes are often overlooked, but I think they’re a fabulous place to start, with any new eye palette.




This is the perfect solution for the girl that likes soft, natural, neutral eye looks, and wants it all from one palette. Frankly, as much as people rave about the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I like this one better. I never felt like the colors in the UD Naked(s) were sheer enough for my liking. Sheer = easy, seamless blending (these shadows are all soft and buttery to the touch, and blend beautifully)!

Ashley Michèlle

Albeit a bit blurry, you can see me wearing the Bobbi Brown Nude On Nude Eye Shadow Palette in this photo!

Using the shadows alone, they’re going to migrate as your eyelids get oily, so don’t be too discouraged if they don’t stay in place. I found that I didn’t experience the glitter fallout that some complained of, but I found it helpful to use a base before applying the shadows. I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Juju (sadly these seem to be discontinued, but something like this would do the trick just the same!) on my eyelids before shadow application to keep everything in place, and lasting all day (this also amps up the pigment).

On that note, if you’re looking for intense or otherwise dramatic pigmentation, this palette isn’t for you (Espresso is as good as it gets).

Who needs this palette? You do!

Available for purchase at:

Nordstrom ($85 Limited Edition Set) & Sephora ($65)

Have you tried, or purchased this Bobbi Brown palette? What is your favorite part about this palette?
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