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It’s been a bit since I have taken the time to keeping up with my skin care related posts, but right now, my skin is finally recovering from wedding stress, lack of sleep, birth control related hormonal madness, and Bikram hot yoga detoxing. While that sounds pretty intense, the truth of the matter is, my skin has never been better than what it is right now. I’m comfortable going outside completely bare-faced, and when I do put on makeup, I’m finding myself going with a tinted moisturizer (like this one from NARS in Terra Neuve).

With all of that having been said, there is only one reason why I am having skin this good, and that should tell you a thing or two about how great these products are.

I’m a big fan of Omorovicza Cosmetics, as some of you are, I’m sure, aware. My last documented skin care routine is from 2012, so I figured I would break down what I do in stages, so as to keep each section relevant, since I don’t use Jurlique anymore.

I have been using Omorovicza for over a year now, and what I’ve found time and time again, is that if I’m faithful with it, it doesn’t let me down.

My Can’t Live Without product from their line is the Gentle Buffing Cleanser. It gently exfoliates your skin with a two-pronged approach: gentle acids, and exfoliating beads. I even have my husband using it! It will change your life.
In the A.M.
I splash my face with warm water, and use my fingertips to massage the pores. Pat off excess moisture with a towel or washcloth. Using a small amount of the Gentle Buffing Cleanser, I massage that into my skin to exfoliate any flaky skin, splash with cold water, and spritz with Queen Of Hungary Mist in prep for moisturizer. Voila!
In the P.M.
I carry out my nighttime routine primarily in the shower, because I find it easier and more relaxing.

I wipe all of my makeup off with a cotton pad using the Caudalie Make-up Remover Cleansing Water, and then commence!

After rinsing off in the shower, I pat my face to remove excess water with a dry washcloth, and then massage in the Refining Facial Polisher, until I have sloughed off all or any bits of dry and dead skin, and then rinse. Using a small amount of the Cleansing Foam on my Clarisonic PRO, I remove any remaining makeup or traces of oils, and then rinse. And because I have such dry skin that is prone to clogged pores (I’m religious about using sunscreen, and that isn’t on the list of Great Things For Clog-Free Skin), I use the final step to make sure I really have a clean, smooth face. Again, I pat my face to remove excess water using a washcloth, and with a small amount of the Gentle Buffing Cleanser on my fingertips, I massage it in for about a minute, focusing on any problem areas. Rinse, finish my shower, splash my face with cold water to close pores, spritz with the Queen Of Hungary Mist, and finish off with a serum (currently using M.S. Apothecary Liquid Gold Cell Quench Serum).

Omorovicza’s Refining Facial Polisher is a relatively new product to the Omorovicza line, so likewise, it is also new to me. I’ve been using it for less than a month, but I really have enjoyed the benefits of it so far. Could I do without it? Well, because I’m using the Gentle Buffing Cleanser, yeah. I could probably just do with that if I had to choose between the two. But I really like how much more I can exfoliate with the Refining Facial Polisher in conjunction with the Gentle Buffing Cleanser, rather than just the Gentle Buffing Cleanser alone, because the Refining Facial Polisher has pumice in it, which is an amazing physical exfoliant.

So, while I could probably eliminate it from my regimen if I had to, I have no plans to do so. It’s well worth it’s $95 price tag for as Baby’s Bottom Smooth as it makes my face. Love.

Hope this little review/routine was helpful!
Any questions? You know the drill! Leave ’em below!


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