I. Love. Chocolate.

As a child, I was notorious for eating any sweet I could get my hands on. My mother several times found me hiding under the table, box of chocolate, and its remains smeared all over my face.

Dylan’s Candy Bar reached out to me not too long ago, asking me if I wanted to sample some of their sweet confections from their Valentine’s Day collection. I’d never tried anything from them before, and despite the fact I’ve practically had no interest in candy (beside chocolate, of course) since I quit eating it cold turkey at the age of 14, when I decided to curb my addiction, I had seen their colorful confections gracing various magazines and websites for the past several years—I couldn’t resist.

I opened up my box of candies with my family, and it took a good amount of self-restraint on all of our parts to not gobble it all down before I had a chance to snap pictures for this review.

Dylan's Candy Bar


They allowed me to make my own selection of 3 from their Valentine’s Day collection, and I chose the Dylan’s Candy Bar Valentine’s Day 3 Bar Gift Pack ($9.50), Dylan’s Candy Bar Signature Triple Hearts Valentine’s Day Paint Can ($17.00), and Dylan’s Candy Bar Signature Valentine’s Day Tackle Box ($28.00).

First things first—the Valentine’s Day 3 Bar Gift Pack.

Nothing can satisfy my sweet-tooth like a good piece of chocolate, and my palate was delighted with three different choices: Milk (classic milk chocolate), S’mores (milk chocolate), and Caramel Sea Salt (Belgian dark chocolate).

Initially, the thought of S’mores as an all-inclusive chocolate bar did not appeal, but I was pleasantly surprised. Little bits of marshmallow and graham cracker added a bit of crunch, and creamy sweetness. Not my favorite (I like my chocolate fairly unadulterated), but well worth trying if you lack S’mores in your life.

The Caramel Sea Salt was my personal favorite out of the three—you can’t go wrong with this combination. I’m a big fan of salted caramel anything.

I could be more in-depth about the milk chocolate, but I’ve never met a piece I didn’t like! Dylan’s Candy Bar milk chocolate was no exception.

The Valentine’s Day Triple Hearts Paint Can is kind of adorable. Any fan of sour gummy worms would thoroughly enjoy these. They’re the right combination of soft and chewy, a little tart, and perfectly sweet.

And last, but not least! The Valentine’s Day Tackle Box is a what you might call a ‘crowd-pleaser’. This little spread has something for everyone. As you can see in my photo, I particularly enjoyed the white chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel bites. And the rainbow gummies are the best. In short, this tackle box has me hooked. Hee hee.

In summary, if you’re looking for a colorful and delicious gift for a special someone, you needn’t look any further than any of these delicious confections!

If you’re feeling a little greedy, if you’re crying over your singledom, if you haven’t tried anything from Dylan’s Candy Bar, I suggest that you give one of these a try, and be prepared for a lot of tastebud happiness.

A thank-you to Dylan’s Candy Bar for rekindling my sweet tooth.


Billings, Montana
Dylan's Candy Bar
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